Letter from Editor and CEO, Adrienne Dumas:

We are no longer creating any new editions of our magazine. This comes after some big life changes for everyone who has helped create the magazine and I am also following my own angelic guidance and re-focusing my work on the books I am writing (including a Faery Book!), giving Angel Readings to clients and simplifying my life a bit more too. I have been creating these magazines since 2002 - it began as a free online magazine, shifted into print, we even had a subscriber only network, then to free subscriptions again and now I feel it's time to move on and let the magazine go. It's been my "baby" for a long time. But, life changes! I want to thank all of you who have supported us all of these years including those who have contributed articles and artwork too!

NOTE: I will still be creating healing video's, podcasts and sharing my weekly blog posts - all through my Adrienne Dumas newsletter at www.adriennedumas.com and I will still also be creating healing meditations, powerful eKits and more for the webstore (which will be at www.adriennedumas.com). Those subscribed to the magazines newsletter will receive an email about these changes as well. You can sign up for my Adrienne Dumas Newsletter Below to get a Free Angel Blessings eKit!

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