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 Orbs and Energy Portals

This is a photograph of an energy portal. This particular place serves as a portal between worlds. In this photo there are many spirits including angels, faeries, earthbound spirits, spirits from in-between worlds, unicorns and native american god/goddess type of spirits.

Beautiful Angel Flame Photo and Angel Orbs! 

Nicole wrote:  "This photo, I was watching a student and I saw an Angel behind her, I snapped the photo and this magnificent magenta flame was in the photo."


My response: I feel this is the Archangel Haniel. She is the Angel of Love, compassion and beauty. This is simply one of the most beautiful angel orb photos I have ever seen. You can clearly see the pink/magenta flame. Also their are rainbow orbs -- not sure if this is from an crystal in the light, but I def feel faery energy in this room too, as well as lots and lots of Angels, Goddesses and Ascended Masters. Very high energy photo.


*Special Note: You can ask the Archangel Haniel to send you this healing energy to help OPEN UP YOUR HEART CHAKRA. Just looking at this photo can help you to do that!

 Nicole also wrote:  Love your idea about the orbs photos. I would like to share some very interesting photos with you. A couple of years ago we were having a Crystal Seminar at The AuraShop in Santa Monica. The class was being held in The Room of Ascension. This is where I do my energy healing sessions and monthly classes.

This photo was a woman invoking the Archangels. When I snapped the photo, I did not see with my physical eyes these glorious golden orbs. 
My Response: This is a truly wonderful photograph! I am just awestruck by this.I feel they are the Angels including Archangel Uriel and Christ Energy. I also feel Golden Pleiadian Energy -- and there are more rainbow orbs (next a womans face) which are Faeries. There is also a mist or smoke, above that is cleansing her aura. Very cool picture!
Real Photo of a Faery (Below)!!!
Hooray! Thanks for this Andrea Dombecki!

Enchanting ORBS

These orbs are orbs containing the energies of Faeries, Angels, Mermaids, Unicorns, Ascended Masters and some loving human spirits. These photographs are by Monica Orosco (seen in the photo below and she is a contributing author to our Mermaid column). The Orange Orb is Monica's Guardian Angel and the Blue Orb behind her is one of her Mermaid Guides.

Photographs by Monica Orosco

Another Portal 

Samantha wrote:  Here is a photo taken in my living room. Seems like there is a portal here as well? I am at the computer a LOT. :)


Adrienne: Yes you have a portal in your house -- but it's not just that. These are the Angels and Faeries of writing and spirituality. I feel that they are guiding you towards writing more about spiritual topics. Their also appears to be guardian angels, archangels and even ascended masters that I am feeling . . . and they want to assist you with your healing practice too.


Orbs in the Forest and Unicorn/Pegasus Orbs 

This one was submitted by our columnist, Andrea Dombecki.

AdrienneWow in the tree you can also see faces -- a lot of faery energy here . . . But I feel that the bright orbs are a Unicorn and a Pegasus. The top one feels like a Unicorn energy and the bottom one is a Pegasus. I also felt Guardian Angel energy in those two orbs so they must be specifically YOUR Unicorn and Pegasus guides. 

The other orbs I feel are a variety of Faery beings who live in that area :)

ET, Angel and Faery Orbs

This photo was submitted by Christopher. 

Adrienne:  I tuned into the orbs in this photo -- I "see" mostly Faeries here but also the blue orb is the Archangel Michael who is always with you -- and the larger orb is your ET spirit guide! I believe he might be a Zeta?? Have you ever heard of them?? I think there are different types of Zetas -- this one was a smaller Zeta . . . they are very child-like and innocent, but WISE and highly technologically advanced. They are the most spiritually advanced of the grey race as well. He may be just ONE of your spirit guides. I feel you might have had a past life with him (and other Zetas) on his planet and he has decided to serve as one of your spirit guides during this lifetime. He takes you astrally to the planet you once lived on.


Real Orb Photographs!

Rainbow Orb

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ORBS around Children

Large Orb next to Serena

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New Orb Photos

Elizabeth Wrote:   This baby girl was airlifted to a special hospital when she was only 3 days old. She often left her body during the first three months of her life. This photo was taken along with six others in succession. In the other photos she is looking right at her big brother. In this you can see, she is looking at the orb.

My Response: Bless her heart! Babies are perfectly capable of seeing into the other realms. Here I believe is her Guardian Angel along with Jesus. Love and Blessings and thanks for sharing this!


Orbs Around a Water Fall

St. Nectans Glen

Submitted by Louise Hayden

Spirits like to gather around water for clean energy. Normally the spirits surrounding waterfalls are Faeries, water devas and water sprites. Angels also often gather around waterfalls as do beings traveling between worlds or dimensions.  This waterfall also has the energy of Saints and Ascended Masters and guardian spirits of the land.

Here is another photo from Louise with the same types of energies:

Orbs at Merlins Cave in Cornwall 

Submitted by Louise Hayden

There is a large orb here, that is not just from sunlight reflection. This is the welcoming and loving energies of Merlin. 

This Orb is Merlin's magickal spirit assistant. He is helping to tune her into the energies of Merlin.

Now more orbs surround her - they are Merlin (the brightest one) with his spiritual assistants. Their are also Faeries and Goddesses in the cave. 



This Photo, submitted by John, contains the Orb of Archangel Michael. I also feel Guardian Angel energy in this orb. 


by, Adrienne Dumas

What are orbs? There are some different theories and beliefs as to what exactly ORBS are. One belief is that they are energy that is being transferred  from a source such as powerlines, people, batteries, etc to a particular spirit so that they can manifest - and our camera's often catch them on film, and we occasionally see them without the use of a camera. This could be one way that spirits get their energy, whether they are conscious of it or not.

Others believe that ORBS are Earthbound Spirits who have taken on the form of a ball of light. Sometimes this round light can be seen with our eyes, or they are caught on camera images. They are believed to be real life forms that often travel in groups - and some people believe that these orbs are the human souls of beings who once lived on our planet.

I believe that ORBS are definitely balls of light, who often take on the appearance of small or large white balls of light. They do sometimes, however, radiate other colors such as green, pink, orange, blue, purple and red. I personally believe that ORBS are a variety of beings such as Angels, Unicorns, Faeries, Ascended Masters, Earthbound Spirits, Spirit Guides and Gods and Goddesses - who have simply taken on the shape and appearance of small orbs. It is really US who see them in this way. We are just now beginning to see them without the use of our camera's, but because of photographs of orbs (which are numerous) we are becoming more open to the idea of having other spiritual energies and entities that are always around us. ORBS are also evidence that you can attract to you various types of beings based upon the vibrations that you are sending out. If you have negative vibrations, you may have no orbs at all around you OR you might attract Earthbound Spirit orbs or other negative beings. If you are radiating positive, pure and loving energy, you may have a lot of loving, light-filled orbs of Angels, Faeries, Ascended Masters and other High Vibrational Beings around you.

The British author Diana Cooper has written a book called "Enlightenment through orbs" - and in this book she says that "Every Orb is a key to a specific energy.   Some offer healing, love and enlightenment.  Others give you special attunements.  A few are portals to the universe."

She also goes on to say that the Higher Beings have been wanting to show us proof that they are around us - and so that resulted in us being able to capture them with our digital camera's. Many of the photographs that are seen with large numbers of orbs are indeed full of angelic beings, faeries, and other High Vibrational Beings. If you want to experiment with ORBS and see if you can capture them in your photographs, here are a few tips:

1. Use a flash on your digital camera
2. Go out at dawn or dusk to take the photographs
3. Raise the energy around you by thinking positively, listening to beautiful music, meditating, going to church, or any other way that you raise your energy
4. Take photographs when you are around a lot of people
5. Take many photographs from different angles

and finally ASK! Ask the Angels, Faeries, Unicorns, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, etc to show up in the photographs for you! :)

Also, it's good to know that there ARE some scientists out there who are researching the ORB phenomena. They believe that their is indeed some kind of energy source within each orb. They believe that these orbs are actually beings from other dimensions. In Sedona Arizona several scientists gathered together to discuss the ORB Phenomenon and many stated that these ORBS that are appearing on digital cameras could very well demonstrate good evidence of ‘other worldly’ life forms. Once scientist, a former research professor at Stanford University and researcher in materials science for NASA, Dr. Klaus Heinemann, says ‘ There is no doubt in my mind that the Orbs may well be one of the most significant ‘outside of this reality’ phenomena mankind at large has ever witnessed’.

His fascination with Orbs began in 2004, when he noticed a pale but clearly defined small circle of light on several pictures that his wife had taken at a gathering of spiritual healers

He said: ‘When I first saw the spheres, like thousands of people I presumed they were due to dust particles, flash anomalies, water particles and so on. But I was sufficiently intrigued, that I quickly returned to the room in which the pictures were taken in the hope of finding a rational explanation. None was forthcoming. ‘ He then decided to try and discover what was the cause of these mysterious circles. He and his wife took hundreds of digital pictures at random events to see what would happen. He believes that with our advancement in high definition technology, which can enhance the appearance of something that would otherwise be at a very low contrast, these Orb beings can now be seen. With his research he found that ORBS can move extremely fast, up to 500 MPH or more. But in order for him to capture these ORBS on film they would have to stay still and and he says that at times they did, which implies that they are conscious and intelligent beings.

Of course I already know they are very conscious - even more so than we are! Orbs can most often be seen around children (I have many pictures of my daughter Serena with Orbs around her), and in places where large amounts of people gather. They can be seen at holiday and birthday parties, in churches, at celebrations and spiritual gatherings.

(C) Copyright 2010 Adrienne Dumas. Article by Adrienne Dumas. Feel free to share this article with others, provided it is used in it's entirety and includes the following links: Visit the Faeries and Angels Magazine at today and listen to our PODCASTS on iTunes by visiting iTunes today and typing in "The Faeries and Angels Radio Network"! 


What Are Orbs 

by, John Taylor

Orbs, there are several postulates concerning their existence.

One being that they are a collective of the human psyche, being that they are the sum total of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Our dreams, desires, day-dreams, and fantasy’s in essence they are the manifestation of our creative wills. For example, Humankind dreamed and fantasized about flying, going to the stars, and communicating across vast distances for countless thousands of years. So where do these ambitions reside before their physical manifestations? I postulate that they are the energy we see as orbs.

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This article Includes possible real Faery photos!